Signs You’re About to Lose a Customer

Andrei Smagin
2 min readDec 15, 2021

Customer Disengagement

Customer satisfaction directly affects the engagement. Don’t confuse engagement with activity. No doubt, you need to monitor the activity rate. However, the approach to increasing engagement depends on stage of CJM.

Regarding loyal customers, their disengagement is expressed as reluctance to use new products or features. If you are lucky enough to have evangelist customers, they voice their disapproval by cutting back on voluntary advertising and referral activities for your company.

Changing usage patterns

Decreased usage rate indicates that customers are not getting what they want, so they are more likely to leave. By tracking KPIs such as bounce rate, late payments, and uptime, you recognize churn on time.

Increased number of customer complaints

Be thankful for customer complaints. Not all complain about the service due to negative experience, thereby signifying about customer churn rate growing. Therefore, take complaints seriously. If the number of customer complaints suddenly increases, you need to be on the lookout.

Moreover, not every client expresses their concerns directly. Someone speaks negatively about you on social media or gives you low marks. Conduct a public opinion analysis to stay up-to-date.

Lack of interest in incentives

Everyone likes taking advantage of sales, discounts and special offers.

However, if you start to notice a decline in your conversion rate when using promotional offers and incentives, it means customers are losing faith in your brand. Therefore, they are not interested in profitable sales. Negative experiences discourage customers from buying, even at a reduced price.

Email disengagement

When customers stop being loyal to a brand, their engagement decreases. Email marketing metrics reflect signs of customer churn. Of course, not all the customers open emails. If those, who opened your emails most of the time, stop reading it, it is a sign of decreasing costumer engagement.

Apply marketing practices that give customers a reason not to unsubscribe. Change your email marketing strategy and find the content that will resonate strongly with your audience.

Quick tip for you to be proactive in reducing costumer churn: provide customer’s loyalty programs before increasing churn rate.

Loyalty programs keep your company visible; your customers are engaged and stay informed about company news. Customer loyalty programs should always ensure an exchange of quality for data.

Remember, that your clients give you their email address in exchange for:

  • personal promotional codes;
  • interaction on social media channels;
  • letters related only to specific events.



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