From “It is helping me to be a better manager” to “It is making me a more stressed out manager”

Man puts a shovel in the ground standing between personifications of Hope and Abundance

This morning I found myself wondering if I read too many work related books. Ever since I can remember I always seek knowledge. I devour books, run various searches until the issue is closed and I feel that I’ve exhausted the topic, or at least one perspective on it.

Seeking is getting closer to chasing, but there isn’t the full satisfaction I derive from chasing. That crazy chase for knowledge produces addiction. Addiction produces incapacity.

I asked myself if these books are helping me be a better manager or they are just draining me.

There is a similar pattern with endless flow of information on the Internet. Getting addicted to learning, following one tutorial after another, taking one course after another, reading one notable book after another produces incapacity and draining.

Magic happens when you get your hands dirty

Reading = Thinking

Only knowing how someone else does something is not the same as knowing how to do it yourself. Repeating someone’s experience is always more difficult than reading about it.

Having a product in hand, things to create and design, I just followed tutorials, read through articles, which are supposed to teach me how to create and design.

When you know enough why do you continue learning?

Learning is a trap. Don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying learning will never be as valuable as doing.

Now it’s time to refresh direction.



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