I’m starting a course of articles on interacting with the development team. This is an important reason, since the product manager has to interact with his own team, with the external development team, and with related development teams from day to day. The first article will focus on the internal team.

  • Find out what functions each team member performs.
  • Let’s see what types of teams there are.
  • Let’s find out what difficulties there are in working with a team.
  • Let’s talk about the sprint lifecycle.

Main roles in the team

You are a product manager, you need a team. Now I will tell you who…

A mission of a Product Manager is to keep on tracking connections outside and inside the company and work at their intersections. Strong Product Managers lead, not traditionally rule.

An important quality of a Product Manager is the ability to accept own strengths soberly and to ask for help if these strengths are not enough.

1. Focus on business

Business development comes down to helping your client and then converting that help into profit. “How does this make money?” — The next question. The road to profit is a labyrinth with tons of opportunities and even more dead-ends. …

What should we do after we have analyzed the competitors, the target audience and received feedback from customers:

  1. Find up to 10 most important assets of the product using results of surveys and portraits of the target audience as well as your deep product knowledge. Organize a winning brainstorming session, identify the main factors that you can use and profit from. For example, a 2-year warranty, worldwide delivery, etc. Note it.
  2. Sort the assets by the degree of importance. …

If you are going to apply for job as a Chief Product Officer in a large company or, on the contrary, going to interview someone for this position, you might be answering/asking the following questions to get aware of developed competencies in a particular person.

— Strategy

Tell us about an at least three-month project, which you managed and are proud of. What are the most difficult strategic decisions you made on it? What was your biggest mistake? What conclusions did you draw on it?

— Co-working

How would the people you have led describe you? What was the most…

How influence stakeholders

To capture the degree of influence and level of interest of each stakeholder over the relevant or possible objectives make an Importance/Influence Matrix.

How it works? The square divided into 4 quadrants. It’s like the Eisenhower matrix, isn’t it?

The horizontal axis: Influence — the power of a stakeholder has to facilitate or impede the achievement of an activity’s objective. On the right there are stakeholders with a strong influence. On the left — with a weak one.

The vertical axis: Importance — the interest of a stakeholder to achieve an activity’s objectives.


  1. Identify the most important stakeholders.
  2. Mark…

Stakeholders are those who are actively involved in a project or business, whose interests may be influenced by the success or failure of the project, as well as those who due to their position or authority can influence the project themselves. All these people should be identified and an individual approach should be developed for each of them. Project Manager should learn how to manage stakeholders, influencing them so that the project flourish and doesn’t meet any opposition.

Surely, that’s not easy. To take into account the views of different parties, including those that obviously not expressed, to reconcile diametrically…

The paradox of products in the modern world lies in one simple truth — it is influenced by each of its participants from the employees working on it to the end user.

And users have much more opportunities than it may seem at first glance, walking through them is not free to ask the question “And my product, in general, is mine?”

Users can influence indirectly and directly:

Support tickets

The first direct lever of influence, if you do not want to lose your users, which can not be ignored. Tickets will inevitably affect how the product looks and its functionality. …

The profession of a product manager still contains a number of uncertainties: it is not clear what all these people are doing, what they should know and be able to do. It’s time to find out. Analyzing myself in working on different products, I realized that there is a basic functionality of a product manager that is expected in the position. The list turned out to be frightening.

Product Manager functions:

  1. The product manager manages all processes related to the product line: research of analogues and market trends, product development and modifications, promotion of the product line on the market.

Stakeholders are those who are actively involved in a project or business, those whose interests can be influenced by the success or failure of the project, as well as those who, by virtue of their position or authority, can influence the project themselves. So, all these wonderful people must be identified, taken into account, and an approach must be developed to each. It is believed that the project manager must learn to manage the stakeholders by influencing them so that the project will flourish and not encounter overt or covert opposition.

Naturally, this is not easy. Taking into account the…

Remote specialists can be of various profiles. For example, an email marketer who creates, distributes, analyzes, and improves selling email chains. Or a tester that tests your website or mobile app. It can be a frontend developer working from a sunny country on the layout of your site or a designer who draws your UI and lives in a nearby city.

Where to look for remote specialists?

Facebook is the number one social network in the world. There you can write requests for the employees you need. Ask for maximum repost from friends and colleagues. Review professional communities and text to people directly. …

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