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Product Management has not yet defined specialties unlike Design, Engineering, Marketing and Sales. Regardless, there are a lot of people who want to switch into product management.

Okay, how to pivot into this area?
The starting point is understanding what specialization you align with most.

Product Managers are those who…

A lack of technical background can be a blocker in the career. Understanding of the technical part of the product allows you to take full responsibility for the success of the team, to faster the pace of work and win teams trust.

In FAANG, 60–70% of product managers have their…

Before talking about why to work with newbies, I’ll tell you why companies need them. There are several reasons (= problems in the market).

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1/ Software Development services are getting too expensive. The average salary of specialists is high, as well as the costs of simple tasks. Someone has to…

The goal of any product is to attract as large audience as possible, who agree to spend money on the proposed solution to their problem.

Often, product managers are faced with the following problems: advertisers did the best, pumped out ads, a lot of people come, but something goes wrong…

Andrei Smagin

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